Nice to meet you! I’m Anikah, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

I’m so glad you’ve visited my page--my mission is to help people on their path to optimal health and wellness.

I personally have come a long way on my own health journey with bouts of trial and error, but there were many times in the past few years where my overall health was turbulent at best.

During my first year of college, I began to experience severe stomach cramping along with other troubling and urgent GI symptoms. After it went on for some time and I could no longer chalk it up to “long term food poisoning from that restaurant last week” I went to see my doctor. She referred me to a gastroenterologist who ran a few tests and promptly prescribed me medication. I was told I had a form of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and that I would likely experience these symptoms every time I ate, no matter what I ate. So the answer was to rely on a couple medications and that was that. I knew this couldn’t be the answer. How could my body be so beyond repair that I no longer had any control over when and where it began to wreak havoc on my life?

Another agonizing health struggle that also served to exacerbate my digestive issues was a tumultuous hormone imbalance that disrupted my health after I ceased taking hormonal birth control (oral contraceptives). I lost an unhealthy amount of weight and then gained it back quickly, my hair began to fall out at an alarming rate, and I

developed cystic acne that was so severe and seemingly impossible to get rid of, I fell into a period of depression and self-loathing.

I refused to accept this was the only way I was to live my life going forward and began to seek out the advice of holistic practitioners and functional medicine doctors who shed more light on my situation. They had me cut out some of the things I most loved to eat back then--but at the time, I didn’t realize how incredibly inflammatory these “foods” were. My primary issues flared up with sugar, gluten, pasteurized dairy, and most forms of processed foods.

In contrast, my GI tract seemed much happier when I was eating properly sourced and high quality meats, in-season and locally sourced vegetables, fermented foods, and nuts/seeds. Over time, I also noticed a dramatic decrease in some other symptoms that I had started to ignore, mostly because at a certain point I believed this had become my “normal.” The list included: cystic acne, fatigue, generalized anxiety disorder and bouts of depression, energy crashes a couple times a day, restless sleep, and monstrous sugar cravings.

What I learned in time, was that these tweaks to my diet changed the way I viewed my overall state of health. Suddenly, I could be in charge of how my body felt, how my emotions ebbed and flowed, how my body bounced back when I suffered from the occasional common cold or flu virus. I was amazed at how empowered I was to effect change on my quality of life.

Over time, I have made multiple shifts in what foods I consume more or less of, what I cut out altogether, and what I am able to add back in. I know that as our bodies change, sometimes we have to change with them--by giving them what they need which is unique to each individual.

This brings me to how I wish to help you find your optimal balance in health. After many years of dedicated learning in the field of nutrition science, human biology, and holistic health I know this to be the absolute truth:

We must always address each person’s issues based on their unique bioindividuality.
The solutions to dis-ease and compromised health is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

I have an incredible amount of gratitude that you are here and looking for answers to unlock the full potential of your well being. I can’t wait to help you on your journey to fully thrive and experience true vitality!