As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I will be focusing on optimizing

your physical and mental health. We will work together on your health challenges to zoom in on the root cause instead of slapping a band-aid solution on your symptoms. Whether your struggle is related to digestive problems, autoimmune disease, anxiety/mood swings, fatigue, weight loss, chronic pain, sugar cravings, or anything in between--I will be guiding and supporting you along the way to healing. We will build a plan to create positive lifestyle change, healthy habits, and proper care for your body as a whole. The goal is optimal health and wellness so you have the desire, energy, and vitality to enjoy your family, friends, hobbies, and passions to the full extent!


Nutritional Therapy Explained:

A science and an art, focused on the interactions between living organisms and their food, including the study of the biological processes used in consuming food & our body’s ability to utilize the nutrients contained in the food.
— The Nutritional Therapy Association

Nutritional Therapy Practitioners recognize that every individual is meant to live in good, high functioning health. With many factors contributing to dis-ease, it’s no wonder so many of us suffer from a range of ailments. The goal is to pinpoint the root cause of these issues and bring the client back into optimal balance--resulting in peak health.

We utilize a complete Nutritional Assessment tool to identify areas in which we require specific focus, related to the six foundations of nutritional therapy. These include: diet, digestion, blood sugar regulation, essential fatty acid balance, mineral balance, and hydration. When imbalances strike in one or more of these areas, we end up with a cascade of health problems that are so unfortunately common these days. The Nutritional Assessment tool also investigates one’s status in the following areas: endocrine, immune, and cardiovascular health as well as detoxification pathways which correlate with liver and colon function.


Goal: Our basic goal is to encourage people to become knowledgeable about and responsible for their own health, and to bring it to a personal Optimum level. Nutritional therapy is designed to help improve your health, but it is not designed to treat any specific disease or medical condition. Reaching the goal of optimum health, absent other non-nutritional complicating factors, requires a sincere commitment from you, possible lifestyle changes, and a positive attitude. A nutritional therapist is trained to evaluate your nutritional needs and make recommendations of dietary change and nutritional supplements. A nutritional therapist is not trained to provide medical diagnosis, and no comment or recommendation should be construed as being a medical diagnosis. Since every human being is unique, we cannot guarantee any specific result from our programs.